Fractional Digital Transformation Officers
Accelerating Organic Growth and Value Creation
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We partner with private equity firms and their B2B and B2C middle market portfolio companies to accelerate organic revenue growth and improve productivity through digital transformation programs typically targeting an incremental 10% to 20% EBITDA increase over a four year period.

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70% of digital transformation initiatives do not reach their goal. Of the $1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation in 2018, it was estimated that $900 billion went to waste.

Harvard Business Review, March 2019

Clearly, businesses need a new approach

Our Approach

  • Step One
    Select companies where both a market opportunity and a digital gap exist and deploy an interim fractional digital transformation officer.
  • Step Two
    Design a digital transformation program to improve business performance and value creation in partnership with top management and alignment with business strategy.
  • Step Three
    Drive initial implementation and validation efforts leveraging our business and technology knowledge, and our pool of talented growth and digital professionals.
  • Step Four
    Optimize and scale the digital transformation program. Transition all operational and managerial responsabilities to internal teams helping with training, coaching, and hiring.

Our Unique Assets

Proven track record

Small group of senior leaders with both a passion and a significant track record in driving organic growth through strategy, change management, and digital technologies at both traditional and technology companies.

Unique playbooks

Unique playbook of sales & marketing strategies, process best practices, and digital technology solutions taylored for the unique requirements of middle market private companies and their investors.

Curated talent network

Curated network of talented professionals with a deep expertise in digital sales & marketing, engineering, design and data analytics.