Get to know usWhat is Augeo Partners?

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We are a "boutique" performance-based professional services firm of digital advisors and operating partners working to accelerate organic growth and operational productivity at middle-market portfolio companies.

We engage with our clients only when together we can identify both a digital capability gap and a clear opportunity for value creation.

We partner with private equity firms and portfolio companies to design pragmatic and fast-paced digital transformation programs aligned with business strategy. We design technology-enabled growth strategies and organize and manage digital teams to implement, validate, and scale the programs.

At a high level, Augeo Partners bridges the gap between external consultants and full-time executives, helping companies build digital capabilities and products with a clear focus on improving the bottom line.

When a digital program's scaling is well underway, we start transitioning all operational and managerial responsibilities back to the company's internal organization helping with hiring, training, and coaching. For example, we:

  • Build new digital sales and marketing processes to generate more leads and new customers.
  • Develop or re-factor e-commerce websites to improve engagement and sales, and self-service customer portals to increase customer loyalty and internal efficiency.

We identify new opportunities, drive complex technology choices, design new processes leveraging proven best practices, define and implement data strategies, and promote the required organizational changes.

Companies that can combine their senior executive team's significant industry expertise and leadership capabilities with the specific knowledge and expertise of our interim digital officers and their talented digital teams are rewarded with faster progress, less organizational pain, fewer expensive mistakes, and a more significant positive impact on the bottom line.

Who are we?

We're a team of senior business and technology executives who believe that in more and more industries the intelligent usage of digital technology is critical for business success.

Basically, we want to make easy for successful middle-market companies to leverage the latest digital technologies and business best practices to gain greater customer's attention and engagement and achieve higher levels of productivity.

Several powerful yet affordable new digital technologies and business practices are available nowadays, but adoption is still proving a challenge for too many middle-market companies.

We've seen the problem of companies with good products and services suffering from antiquated business processes and painful user experiences first hand, and we decided that something needed to be done about it. That's why we're building Augeo Partners.

New York City
Based in New York City. do you say Augeo Partners?

We hear it a lot of ways... and they're all correct, so don't worry. But we say Augeo like this:

  • a (like apple)
  • u (like urban)
  • ge (like gelato)
  • o (like oh my!)

By the way, Augeo is a Latin word that means growth.

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